You really liked my first video, so here's another: When I'm Beemo

When I'm Beemo
Have you ever had a Beemo dream? As a new LoL comedy Youtuber your subscriptions help me a lot, so if you like my content the best way you can appreciate my work is by subscribing.
You gave me some great feedback with my first submission and I have tried to make a different type of comedy video based on the "When I'm Liverpool" Football videos which have a fast beat and a lot of crazy things going on made to make your laugh your socks off. I'm a Beemo fanatic right now and I love the global taunt effect, I am trying to convey the interesting and humorous interactions I get in-game, through my videos. Check my previous video here: I would really appreciate your help and feedback. I really want to know if you find this funny, even if it is a no. But if it is a yes, I'll make more and more, I have tons of ideas.

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