Star Gaurdian? More like Dark Cosmic

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PBE Preview Star Guardian Zoe, Xayah, Rakan and Neeko
Yes, I get that they're corrupted. Yes, I both love and hate that they picked extremely popular champs that honestly don't fit the aesthetic. One example being their weapons are their little spirit familiars, and all champs picked here either use magic or their own feathers. But this takes the cake. Xayah and Rakan already have Cosmic skins. Calling these "Star Gaurdian" is a blatant lie. The only one that even comes close to this lines standards is Neeko. Please, please reverse this. Let them be whatever Ahri saved and they're backing animation can show how they truly aren't themselves. Or make it a toggle and up the price. This ruins so much, I play SG to be a fun colorful character that I enjoy. Not... whatever this is. The hype has died.
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