League of Legends Record?!?! 13M:57S All 3 Top Tower Push/16M:38S Top Inhib (feed back plz)

League of Legends 13M:57S All 3 Top Tower Push/16M:38S Top Inhib
Legit Match we did just got Herald , then looked for a gank couldn't find then just went top to shove it in and managed to get all 3 top towers so i wanted to record and post it up
So Me and My Friend were doing a regular Type Draft match and then this happened. we wanted to know if any one else has gotten 3 towers like this in less time then this or not or if this is some kinda record ? just curious weather the enemy team was bad or not just curious to know and on top of that it impressed me and my friend so much we recorded it and put it up on my youtube channel to share with others so but want to know what you people think of it and love feed back so :) and if any thing where would i go to post this as a record of sorts if thats a thing just curious to know {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} video about 4mins long not that big (prefer if you went to link to watch it cause watching it here dosent get views for some reason but either way thank you for your time )
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