[4.13] Live Gameplay Forecast

Hey all, As a result of this being one of the last patches to really react to the game before the World Championships, **expect this to be a large patch** in terms of **number** of changes. Probably not in terms of huge scope modifications, but more like small to mid balance tweaks across a number of champions. As another reminder: **these are not promises for what will be in Patch 4.13, rather, they're a forecast of what we are currently working on and the problems we see.** Onward! **Them competitive diversity picks:** At the heart of all of this, our core goal with patch 4.13 (and 4.14) is competitive diversity. There are a few champions we're looking to give small buffs to, and others who are, by nature of being the best, skewing picks into who can play against them and who can't. You'll probably see **a lot** of smaller changes in this line of thought. **Them aggro junglers**: There's been a few big discussions going around on this, but we agree that early aggro junglers are still very stifling - particularly in competitive level play. While we're still watching how our tanky jungler changes have rolled out from 4.11, we think there are a few 'top tier' dudes (fine, I'm saying it: Lee Sin, Elise, Evelynn) who can afford a nudge down. **Them hyperscaling marksmen**: With the Lucian changes in 4.12 (and Lucian being on the downward trend thanks to hyperscaling marksmen like Koggles and Trist) we're on light watch to ensure the marksmen pool gets a little more diversity. In terms of categorical picks, we'd love if other marksmen had their strategic choices and niches to play, rather than a single 'type' (ie: early game vs late game hyperscalers, etc). Up today, designer **Riot Jag** will be hanging out in the comments to discuss some of the things we're looking at in 4.13.
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