Clarity and Clairvoyance Thoughts

So {{summoner:2}} and {{summoner:13}} are the least used Summoner Spells in standard games (minus {{summoner:10}} , of course), and for good reason: they are not "reaction" spells and are not {{summoner:12}} . The "reaction" spells, {{summoner:21}}, {{summoner:1}}, {{summoner:3}}, {{summoner:4}}, {{summoner:6}}, {{summoner:7}}, {{summoner:14}}, and {{summoner:11}}, are spells used in the middle of combat to boost the player while fighting. These give quick, potentially game changing moves where the Champion's own abilities fail, where as {{summoner:2}} and {{summoner:13}} are used outside of combat, and they affect the game in too minor a way as compared to the other spells. More to the point, their abilities are already emulated by cheap items: {{item:3342}} is a free {{summoner:2}} with a smaller cooldown, albeit a smaller area of effect and range; any champ that needs mana regen will build an {{item:3174}} or something along those lines, rendering {{summoner:13}} unnecessary. I think that these two need altercations to be used to good effect. For {{summoner:2}}, the ability could give true sight for a certain amount of time. For {{summoner:13}}, the ability could be passive, granting increased resource regeneration (Energy, Mana).
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