@Morello, Let's talk about Taric.

Hello, I am an avid {{champion:44}} fan, who has been waiting roughly 1 and half years for a visual update to our beloved gem knight. (I've started playing roughly 2 years ago on the EUW servers) Sadly, all I've seen were promises (made by IronStylus and GrumpyMonkey to name a few) that it was coming along soon with a kit update only to see my favorite champ (who represents my favorite fantasy, the Paladin) left in the dark, having pizza feet and feeling clunky as hell. (those cast time and each and every ability really make him FEEL really bad.) Is there a chance for an update on his.. update? I've been waiting for all this time but nothing, not even a glimpse is given. Please, {{champion:44}} and his fans deserve a sneak peek into our fabulous Fabio gem knight. Thank you.
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