A Look at Sejuani

So, I love Sejuani. Ever since I played my first game on her in the jungle, I've loved her. Her kit is amazing, she gets tanky and dives in (which I LOVE doing <3) and just CC's away. I'm still waiting, however, to see her in pro play. She seems like an amazing champion and she, arguably, has one of the best teamfight ults in the game. So, why isn't she played more? LCS players as well as other professional players, only really play the best champions at any given time, and they obviously work around specific team compositions that they come up with for a key strategy that they want to play. The issue is, that I've seen *so* many team comps in professional play that would have greatly benefit from having Sejuani in the jungle; so why isn't she? I took a look at her base stats as compared to other similar junglers (Nautilus, Mao'Kai, Skarner, Malphite) who are all known for being tanks and she has either "on par" or better for her health, armor, magic resist, and move speed. So I checked her AD stat, and it was actually better than all of them except Mao'Kai, I think he was the only one with a higher base stat. As for the scaling stats? Same story, either on par or better. So what is it? What does Sejuani need to get into the spotlight? Before we go on, I think this would be a great place to mention that I feel like Sejuani is in a good place at the moment, she's not OP, she's not *horribly* UP, I just think she needs a bit of a tweak to make her a little higher on the priority list for junglers, or at least a consideration for pro play. In keeping with Riot's belief of "playing to the strong suit" while "bringing out the weakness", I've come up with some ideas. First idea? Cooldowns. I feel like her Q could use dropping a second across all CD's, starting at 14 seconds, and scaling down to 10 at max level (14/13/12/11/10). Her W feels just about right, though I think it could use some adjusting, have it start higher but end lower on its cooldown scaling. Something like 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 would be nice, but again, it doesn't seem like it's really needed. and her E being a static 11 second CD seems a bit much as well, dropping the CD to a static 10 seconds would feel a bit better. I honestly think this might still be a little high, and I wouldn't suggest going below 8 or 9 seconds, but 11 seconds does seem a bit much (and a bit odd? o_O). As for her Ult, I LOVE it. But sometimes I'm completely shocked when I have it back up already based on what it does, I would suggest changing the CD's to something more like 150/135/120. I know that it's already on a fairly long CD, but in all honesty, if you really need a Sejuani ult more than once every 2 minutes, you're probably not teamfighting properly, or you're teamfighting too much. Just my thoughts. Alternatively, my other idea is boosting her damage JUST a smidge. I'm, quite frankly, *shocked* at how little her Q actually does, considering it has % max health damage associated with it. It seriously hits like a [far worse in fact] wet noodle, for something that has % health attached. I'd possibly consider removing the max health and increase base/scaling accordingly in order to boost the damage a touch. (I'd also say her Q needs a bit of a mana cost reduction, not MUCH, but a bit, maybe starting at 70 and scaling to 90?) Her W seems a bit lackluster, I'm a huge fan of things that scale really well into the late game, but her W seems kind of lackluster, and I would say tweaking the "bonus health" damage from it to "max health" damage would be just about perfect, it would only effectively add around 250ish damage to the full duration at level 18. The only problem I could see with this change though, would be that she would probably bring too much of the combination of damage and CC to her ganks both pre-6 and post-6. Something to think about though as her W DOES feel pretty lackluster atm. And on to her E... pretty much perfect feeling in my opinion, does decent enough burst damage with its base stats, only real thoughts on this would be the CD reduction. ***TL;DR*** Sejuani needs some love. **DISCLAIMER** I AM IN NO WAY SAYING SEJUANI SHOULD BE THE "PRIORITY" FOR RIOT, I KNOW THERE ARE OTHER CHAMPIONS IN MORE DIRE NEED OF CHANGES THAN SEJUANI! I simply wanted to share my thoughts on the potential balance concerns that ***I*** have with her. Thoughts?
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