New Pings.

I think Riot should release some new pings with the new summoners rift update. I think they should Issue "Thank you, ____ Bush Warded, Ultimate ready in and maybe an enemy Jungler last seen ______" Maybe it could look a bit like this image I found on Google. Image Source []( This is just an example of what riot could add, not saying they should add it in this fashion just saying they could use something related to this or just divide it into a whole other wheel. Maybe they could take up the middle circle for the Warded ping, This ping would reduce the waste of red trinkets and it would save our junglers time. I think one of the most distracting things in the game is the chat bar. Sometimes you get the players that are either super toxic or they talk about the game waaaaay too much. I don't know if this is just me or not, the chat bar has killed me a couple of times. Its not that big of a deal but some more in depth or better pings could reduce this. (Though team chat is great I feel we could have more communication with some more pings.) At this point, I only want the "Warded Ping" The best thing I've ever come up with .-.
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