Lee Sin will never be meaningfully nerfed by Riot or reworked.

Thank you riot for giving me back the thread! It means a lot! First we can take their responses from this thread: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4686014 And then we can take into account what has been said on Morello's twitter about not nerfing him because of public outcry in defense of him. What does that leave us with? It leaves us with knowing that Riot is scared of altering Lee Sin in any meaningful way that will take him out of the #1 Jungler spot in the game. Riot doesn't know what would happen if they nerfed the one champion holding back 80% of jungle champions from excelling in their game and so they refuse to touch him. They must figure that Lee Sin keeping all those champions out of the competitive scene must make for a pretty easy to balance competitive scene because Riot then just has to cycle the other top junglers to the Lee Sin bar and then back below the Lee Sin bar to make it look like they are actually working on the problem as a whole. We've seen this before with FotM jungle champions. Nasus, Voli, Kha'zix, Rengar, Nocturne, Pantheon, etc. Every champion that has been able to hold a candle to Lee Sin in the competitive scene has been nerfed and are back into being unusable. Riot will NEVER nerf him into being weaker than any other jungler. He will always be the mobility king, the smite stealing king, the invasion king, and an expert in towerdiving and relocating enemy champions. He has everything a jungler and indeed a bruiser wants with ZERO downsides. The only thing that he doesn't have that would make him stronger, is ranged auto attacks. There was a post in the aforementioned thread that I linked by Ghostcrawler stating that energy costs could be increased to make him weaker. This is the wrong way to go down. Energy costs do not fix the problem that is Lee Sin's kit. His problem is that there is absolutely no counterplay to anything he does. The rework that Riot had slated for the PBE for him many months ago fixed this problem. It gave him clear weaknesses but many people complained because while it gave him more weaknesses it didn't give him any "compensation buffs" which in my opinion are the dumbest things I've ever head of and should ONLY be implemented if you are taking a slightly stronger than normal champion and changing it to a slightly weaker than normal champion, then compensation buffs are a good way to balance that out. Riot will forever continue to have Lee Sin be the jungler bar because he "feels good to play and make plays on" while they ignore the fact that while yes, he can be used in high elo for some pretty epic plays, he is also absurdly safe and easy to pick up on. The champion has an absurdly low skill floor, if it was any lower we would have to dig underneath the Garen foundation to find it. He simply has no drawbacks and Riot refuses to rework him into having any because of peer pressure. I know this post is rambling and I'm sorry, but Riot needs to fix this problem. Don't just stick it on the "Soon(TM)" back burner and use the competitive scene and Worlds as your reasoning. Man up and start working on him. Xelnath, good man imo but wrong, stated that nerfing or reworking Lee Sin this close to Worlds would be the equivalent to the Trinity Force changes before S3 Worlds. This is completely incorrect. Trinity Force changes impacted the game FAR harder than any single champion change or rework ever could because it is an item, and anyone can build an item. Worse yet, it was a staple item on many champions. So do not compare Lee Sin changes to Trinity Force changes. It will not impact the meta, it will free up a large selection of champion picks, and it will just free up a ban if nothing else. He is a champion, not an item. If he's not picked or banned in the game, he won't impact the game. Stop using this logic Xelnath, I know you are smarter than this, I've read and absorbed your other threads, please stop trying to make this comparison work. In short, Riot won't nerf Lee Sin because he will free up champion picks in the competitive scene and Riot will then be forced to attempt to balance them and they will be forced to deal with people crying about losing their blind monk. Riot continues to back up this reasoning with logic such as "Lee Sin has no weaknesses that we can use to make him weaker and we don't like to just invent weaknesses" and "Lee Sin being changed so close to Worlds would invalidate months of practice and expertise, much like the Trinity Force changes before S3 Worlds did" Riot's logic never ceases to infuriate me.
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