Can someone please explain to me Riots "anti snowballing"?

I keep seeing Riot say things like "we want to ensure there are systems in place that reward the consistently skilled team who can continually make intelligent choices - even when they're behind - to win the game", and "In order to dominate your opponent, you need to consistently outplay them, not just pull off that one perfect kill." However, it seems to me that if you pay attention to the patch notes, they are actively going against their statements. For example, in patch 4.11,, they give early kills more gold, first blood gives more gold, they LOWERED the bounty increase on players who are ahead, and let them get more kills before their value caps. I don't see how this is helping people who are behind catch up through consistent good plays if the snowballed player is worth less money than before, and they can get a ton more while being fed. The increased gold cost on items (patches 4.10-4.12) also ensures that snowballed players get items WAY before the other team, and essentially shut a lane down from one or two deaths in lane. I don't necessarily have a problem with snowballing, it's just confusing to see Riot claim one thing, and do another. It seems counterproductive for them to say a change is going to do one thing, when it so obviously does the opposite.
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