@Morello, it's really time for that Soraka rework.

**The latest patch notes have made clear in what a terrible state Soraka currently is. Apparently it's impossible to balance this old goat as long as her current kit remains in place.** We know, she used to be a dedicated healer but you radically nerfed the effectiveness of her heals and reduced the armor buffs on her W. Next you took the damage from her starcall and slapped a ridiculously low ap ratio on it. Bear in mind, that was still during pre-season. Then people started to play her as a solo-laner since her ability to support was less than favorable after what you've done to her. She already lacked any form of peel and her damage was abysmal. So naturally all she could do was try to sustain herself while farming on a solo-lane to get that gold which she could impossibly acquire as a support (it takes 600 AP (!) just to undo your season 4 nerfs). Now that patch 4.8 is here, we're dealt with another wave of Soraka nerfs. This time you've reduced the damage on her starcall EVEN more and added a mana-cost to the only reliable form of poke she had, her silence. You claim to only weaken solo-lane Soraka with those changes but actually you've killed support Soraka aswell. No more silencing people while throwing bananas at them. How do you expect to pay for those insanely mana-hungry heals if she already used up most of her mana-pool after applying a short-lived silence that costs 50 mana (!) and yet only deals a laughable amount of damage? It used to be tolerable since it was a free ability but now it's entirely unacceptable. You never really calculated her overall mana-costs apparently. You may have not have realized it yet but you've made her gameplay even more passive since she can't even poke people anymore. Where's the interaction with the other player which you've wanted the entire time? **Since you clearly refuse to buff Soraka in her current state, we've got to ask ourselves: what's next? How about that rework which you've been talking about for god knows how long? Time's running out for this old goat and all you do is watch as she slowly dies.**
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