About the recent Design Value: Mastery

For the context...here the quote i want to address up first: >Adaptability >Adaptability is both your ability to learn and respond to new ideas, new threats and new changes, along with your ability to play in a variety of styles. Different players are adaptable in different ways. Some choose to pick up a large number of champions, while others spend that time deeply mastering one along a variety of builds. We try to support both, but fundamentally believe that to pursue mastery in League is about being an adaptable player. >Our primary method of rewarding adaptability is through system and play balance changes. We aspire to keep as many champions as possible viable at a competitive level (to mixed success, admittedly), and also spend a lot of time trying to increase the amount of viable team-level strategies. The better balanced the game is, the more we can reward players who remain adaptable against a wide breadth of threats, and similarly reward them for investing time in learning to play less-popular champions and strategies. So I think you actually contradict yourself with recent decissions and some longtime shortcomings: - you stated that you don´t want to make major changes so close to worlds coming up - though this would actually reward teams that are more adaptable than others, just as your design goals here seem to be - champ-select is very stall since like forever, allowing Teams to only prepare a very small amount of CHampions and Tactics...as the pick&ban-phase is not restrictive enough and fairly easy to predict currently. I think adding some more layers of bans really would accomplish a lot in terms of diversity in champions an tactics played - really rewarding more adaptable teams that have mastered more champs and strategies (maybe look at DOTA 2 for inspiration, while i really can´t stand most of the game....the pick&ban phase is a lot better there) - I think you should maybe create more niche-items like thornmail/aegis that allow you to adapt to specific things like a snowballing-ad ingame on the flow, as they are more interessting than overall nobrainers like pen or an IE for carries that work in any situaton (the pen-system really is still not in a good spot at all).
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