@Riot, Any context behind the Soraka changes?

EDIT: Changes has hit live but the Q oh hit CD for W doesn't even matches the tooltip? Its the one listed here from PBE but the patch notes buffed it to Astral Blessing's on-hit CDR increased to 5 / 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 % from 5 / 6.25 / 7.5 / 8.75 / 10 %. So on the PBE Soraka got a pretty big nerf to her aimed at solo laning power - which I'm ok about since I see/always played her as a support since S1. The current changes below: Soraka Starcall [ Q ] - Now deals 40/65/90/115/140 damage (down from 60/95/130/165/200) Starcall [ Q ] - If an enemy is hit, Astral Blessing's cooldown is now reduced by 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 % (up from 55 /6.25/7.5/8.75/10%) Infuse [ E ] - Now Has a Mana Cost when cast on an enemy: 50 Mana What I'm concern about is: are these the final changes to her? because currently the compensation in utility on her Q doesn't offer much compared to how much damage it lost, you will only see a 2.5%/5% reduction of W by rank 4/5 of the skill. have you considered increasing the MR shred base amount/scaling? Another one is for support soraka the E flat rate 50 mana cost is going to make her laning patterns binary because she would be less willing to use infuse on emeny's, since her E has a mana cost now shouldn't you guys reduce the mana cost on her other spells? i really think she will run out of mana too fast.
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