aatrox needs some work

well i will find it weird if only i think like that aatrox is a fun champ but his kit is rly bad designed i dont mean that he doesnt work but his kit usualy confuses the player who plays him his w goes unnoticed and usualy ppl who play him sometimes get confused which form they actualy use, and sometimes just kill themselves his itemisation is a great unknown if you build ad you are sustaining so you can soak some damage but sometimes you are unable to calculate if you will heal enough to win if you build tanky you are aware of how much dmg you will withstand (cause you dont rely on replenishing that hp) but you'r kit doesnt realy scale with tankyness which leads to losing lots of hp for skills and low sustain also the clunky ways of filling passive, its a choice beetwen being a sadist masohist or pure masohist each item has its gains and loses for you which is already much diferent from anything else in the game (jax guys hp he gets hp, aatrox buys hp he gets hp and bigger costs on his skills, he buys ad he gets ad and capability to kill himself faster etc) his w doesnt realy have any pattern of use, for jinx minigun is for solo fights and towerkilling, and rocket launcher is for teamfights, for aatrox its like chosing beetwen trying to survive longer or dealing more damage which usualy gives the same results, tryng to use damage mode before hoing below 50 5 hp usualy leads to getting just blown up his passive is just for saving his life and allowing him to escape which finds low use in practice (you need q to negage, you need q to escape, you need q to move around and the cooldown is quite big) in the end playing aatrox feels like a big unknown cause you are theoreticaly doing much but you cannot be sure that you will do anything in an actual fight it would be nice if riot would give his some kind of identity instead of leaving his as a the guy who lifesteals a lot
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