Banshee's Veil; Why it promotes defensive play and how to fix it

Hey guys! I'm Just Roy, a Diamond 5 (Time Warner Cable is a cruel mistress, RIP my elo.) support main. I've been pondering why the late game can feel so frustrating, and one of the main reasons I've found is Banshee's Veil. If you look at the most game changing items at the moment; Banshee's is by far the most impactful. It's extremely common in competitive play for all 10 players to have Banshee's Veil's come late game. In a meta where a rogue skillshot or CC hitting your carry can immediately end the game, Banshee's is king. It gives poke comps a safety net from getting engaged on, and hard engage comps a way to stop their carries from getting poked down. **If the item is so good, why rework it?** I'm glad you asked! Because the spell shield block provided is so good, many games reach a point where neither team wants to make an aggressive move, because they are safer being engaged on with their banshee's all up than making an aggressive move. Also, every time one team attempts an aggressive move, they are forced back for 25 seconds while they wait for their Banshee's Veil's to come back up. Intended or not, every time Banshee's Veil returns to the meta, competitive game time across all regions increases. **What do you propose?** Essentially, I think that spell shields have an extremely important role in league of legends. They create a much needed defense against poke champions and long range CC. But the current iteration of it is too steeped in promoting defensive play. What if, instead of the current passive, Banshee's worked as a mini Nocturne Shroud of Darkness? It could be an active, that when used blocked the next spell for 1.5 seconds. **What would that accomplish?** First of all, it would require the player to mindfully block a skillshot or ability, instead of Banshee's doing all the work for them. It would also still allow CC/Skillshot/Poke champions to hit their abilities on unsuspecting Banshee's users. **But wouldn't this end up in the same scenario as the old Banshee's Veil where everyone wait's until the usable active is up?** Here is where we get to the meat of my idea! What if, Banshee's Veil's active had an overall cool down (let's say, 2 minutes). Twice every ten seconds, an enemy spell cast could reduce the cool down of Banshee's Cry by 10 seconds. This is barring a 25-40 second minimal internal cool down. **That sounds incredibly convoluted for something that doesn't necessarily need fixing, how does this help the game again?** Making a system that rewards being near the enemy team creates a late game scenario that encourages riskier play. Also, if a backline poke champion, say Ziggs, wants to buy a Banshee's, it would be harder for him to charge it than say, Shyvana. However, Ziggs has the added safety of picking and choosing what CC to use the active on, unlike the old Banshee's. **My proposed change for Banshee's Veil:** **Banshee's Veil** +450 health +55 magic resistance Unique Active -Banshee's Cry-: Grants a spell shield for the next 1.5 seconds that blocks the next enemy ability. This active is on a 2 minute cool down. Unique Passive: Nearby enemy spell casts reduce Banshee's Cry's cool down by 10 seconds. (Occurs up to 2 times every 10 seconds. Banshee's Cry has a minimum cool down of 40 seconds.) Unique Passive: Grants 45 health regen for up to 10 seconds after taking damage from an enemy champion or when the spell shield is consumed. **TL;DR:** Basically, my idea is to make Banshee's Veil reward offensive play instead of defensive play. The active will come up MORE frequently by playing aggressive, and unlike the old Banshee's that punished you for getting in combat by resetting the shield cool down, this new Banshee's does the exact opposite. It will create larger windows where a team's back line is vulnerable in exchange for giving the back line greater control over what spell they want to block. Overall, it is a complete shift in power that I think would be very healthy for competitive league.
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