Item Wish - Spellsword.

I'd like these new items in League. I hope you would, too. Here they are. --- **Spellsword** (1000 Gold) {{item:1052}} {{item:1036}} + 15 Attack Damage + 20 Ability Power - UNIQUE Passive: Falling Below 50% Health causes the runes on the blade to bestow 10 bonus Attack Damage on to you until you have finished thou' righteous battle, courageous Knight. **Guinsoo's Rageblade** (2800 Gold) Spellsword + Pickaxe + 925 Gold - 50 Attack Damage - 30 Ability Power - Passive: Basic attacks grant 5% Attack Speed and 6 Ability Power for 8 seconds on-hit (stacks up to 7 times). - UNIQUE Passive: Falling below 40% Health grants 20% bonus Attack Speed and causes your basic attacks to heal 10 (+5% AD)(+5% AP) Health on-hit for 8 seconds (45 second cooldown). *It grants 20 more AD, just as much AP total, 3% more Attack Speed, no more Spellvamp and a pseudo Life Steal. I justify these changes by taking a quick glance [here]( Mm-hmm.* *P.s.: The animation would have to have a red theme for the Heal to make sense.* **Chains of the Berserker** (2650 Gold) Spellsword + Giant's Belt + Cloth Armor + 350 Gold - 380 Health - 20 Armor - UNIQUE Passive - Tenacity: The duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, polymorphs, and immobilizes are reduced by 35%. - UNIQUE Passive: When an effect ends that** impaired** your movement you gain 20% Movement Speed that decays over 2 seconds. - UNIQUE Aura - Rage: Grants nearby allies 25 Attack Damage and 20 Ability Power. *Uhm, because ... Alistar ... and Taric ... and Sona ... and ... and ... because.* *Cool version of 'Because': TIRED OF BEING DEFENSIVE? Tired of hiding behind a 60 second shield? No time to wait for a sucky HP5 aura? WELL HERE YOU GO: Take the offensive with CHAINS . OF . THEE . BER-SER-KERRRRRRR!!!! Look at that Health. Look at it! It's unchanged from Giant's Belt, just like yours will be at the end of the fight. And those beautiful 20 Armor. You could just take em and smack a foe with em. Just, *gah* smack em right across the face. Ah, and the Tenacity. THE TENACITY. CC-NO-MORE, I say dear friend. CC-no-more.* *Buy Chains of the Berserker today!* --- That was all. Obviously these are just suggestive numbers on the items. They can always be changed, and so you should look at the concepts alone, if you can manage that Mr. I-Like-To-Downvote-Every-Item-Thread-In-The-Community. Nevertheless I hope the rest of you like the items. Opinions? Thanks for reading. Good day. Jack.
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