Morgana's Snare length is just too long. Especially for its range/hitbox width and damage.

Fiddlesticks has a 3 second fear? Nerfed. Rammus has a 3 second taunt? Nerfed. Morgana has a 300 + 90% AP damage nuke that prevents you from moving that has the range of a Nidalee spear and prevents you from moving for three seconds? Balanced. Is that balanced? This game has evolved a bit. Almost every champion now has a gapcloser. The snare does not need to be three seconds long for how far away it can be cas from and for how much damage it does. Morgana has become pretty much a "support only" champion only occasionally being put in the mid lane. Do you want her to be a support or a mid, Riot? She can't have a kit that lets her excel at both. That's the exact problem with Lulu that you're still trying to work on. I thought you said you were moving away from things like the three second snare, saying that only things like Ashe arrow should be anywhere near that powerful due to how hard it is to hit. This is understandable. I see that Morg's snare is not just a point and click, but it is still extremely easy to land, and can be cast from an extremely long range. This kind of damage should not be linked with this much of a utility ability that can win fights before they start even if the entire enemy team is grouped together. What I would suggest is to reduce her snare to 2 or even 2.5 seconds and reduce the AP ratio to 60% down from 90%. Let her keep her range. Alternatively, reduce the range down from 1100 to 850 or so, and reduce the damage dealt from 90% to 80%. Both these changes will make her far more bearable. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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