Please nerf the following OP champions

They're all overpowered, and I'm tired of playing against them. This game would be much better without them, so please nerf them so people stop playing them. {{champion:266}} **Aatrox** - He'd be better balanced if he didn't have his ult. But he'd probably still be OP because of all that free lifesteal. {{champion:103}} **Ahri** - Free spellvamp, free flashes that do damage, and 9 tails. That's 8 too many tails. {{champion:84}} **Akali** - Who the hell thought putting zero mana on a champion with stealth, multiple gap closers, AND spellvamp was a good idea? {{champion:12}} **Alistar** - He can tower dive and take no damage while CC'ing everyone who is trying to defend it. Also, he's a bull, and that's scary. {{champion:32}} **Amumu** - Just because he doesn't have friends doesn't mean he isn't OP. I mean look at his ultimate. And those tears. He kills me BY CRYING. {{champion:34}} **Anivia** - Okay, so you have to kill her twice, and she has a HUGE ultimate that does damage if you're in it as well as doubling the damage on her Q. How is that balanced? {{champion:1}} **Annie** - Two AoE stuns per teamfight, plus high burst. Ridiculous, and definitely OP, but at least Tibbers doesn't have armor. {{champion:22}} **Ashe** - So she gets free gold, and does like 1337 damage to you the moment you get to lane because of her passive. And her ult has a 3 second stun on it. Seriously too much strength to put on a single ADC. {{champion:53}} **Blitzcrank** - A great example of what not to do. Long range attack that CCs them back to you, AND more CC once they get there. Plus he gets free hp every 90 seconds from his passive and can do huge damage. {{champion:63}} **Brand** - All he has to do is hit you with a single spell and run away while you burn to death. {{champion:201}} **Braum** - Can block any skill in the game. He'd be OP even if that was his only ability, but its not. He ALSO has a mustache of the gods. {{champion:51}} **Caitlyn** - Longest base range ADC in the game, plus she shoots you in the freaking head. And a 3000 range ultimate that can't miss. {{champion:69}} **Cassiopeia** - Poisonous snake. Spammable damage of time. Free Tons Of Damage if she hits you with it. At least nobody got her on a plane. {{champion:31}} **Cho'Gath** - Tanks should never get to do true damage. Its always broken. Even worse when he gets an extra 900 health just for staying alive (which then makes him stay alive - Leviathan got removed for a reason). {{champion:42}} **Corki** - Armor shred plus poke plus escape plus good damage adc? So stupid. Also, he even *sounds* obnoxious. Seriously, listen to him. {{champion:122}} **Darius** - Hmm, ult that deals true damage, refreshes if you kill AND he has a pull and everything he does adds a DoT? Not to mention free % armor pen just in case you decided to try and be a tank. {{champion:131}} **Diana** - She farms way too well for an assassin. Mana costs are too low, can aoe too well, AND still can take a squishy down in a single burst. Throw in a bit of CC, and she's 100% OP. {{champion:36}} **Dr. Mundo** - Cleavers from hell. % hp damage, and can literally 1v5 teams without dying if they didn't bring ignite. Blind Pick God. {{champion:119}} **Draven **- League of Draaaaven. He's freaking OP in lane due to those spinning axes, and it only gets worse once he kills someone! Best passive in the game. {{champion:60}} **Elise **- Spiderlings need to be easier to kill, and/or have a short timer how long they stay alive. Bad enough that she can leap into the air (cancelling your attacks) while your abilities cool down, and land right back down on top of you. {{champion:28}} **Evelynn** - Either gets 50 kills in the first 10 minutes, or forces your entire team to spam pink wards (that she kills to earn free gold). Perma stealth is broken. {{champion:81}} **Ezreal** - He was OP before Iceborn Gauntlet, and now he's just ridiculous. It should be melee only, and his Q shouldn't proc on-hit effects anyhow with how low its cooldown is. Poke poke poke. {{champion:9}} **Fiddlesticks** - Easiest jungler ever, AND an aoe MR reduction plus AoE huge damage ultimate. No fun to play against unless you buy 30 billion wards. And then you CAWCAWCAWCAW. Nevermind, we're all dead. {{champion:114}} **Fiora** - Her ult shouldn't make her so untargetable. She'll be at 10 hp and use it, and then there's nothing you can do til you're dead and she gets away. Even flash can't save you. PushRtowin. {{champion:105}} **Fizz** - He's only balanced when he's using his troll pole. The rest of the time, he's OP. Plus he has a shark. That eats you. {{champion:3}} **Galio** - Passives that give you free stats are the worst. He can just stack MR, and do huge damage. No AP mid can deal with that. Not to mention he has that strong ultimate to lock your entire team down at once. {{champion:41}} **Gangplank** - Global ult, good burst, good sustained damage, free cleanse. Yup, not OP at all. /sarcasm. {{champion:86}} **Garen** - Can hide under his tower and heal 20% of his health back every single wave, build tanky, and still gets a huge damage ultimate. Anyone can play him and do well, so he's obviously OP. {{champion:79}} **Gragas** - Rework made him even more OP. Sits there drinking all game, so you can never win trades. And his ult. Don't get me started on it! {{champion:104}} **Graves** - Free armor and MR, AoE damage on his Q, W, and R, plus a steroid just in case he wasn't good enough. Too many good things, needs a nerf. {{champion:120}} **Hecarim** - Ignores unit collision, huge movement steroid, cc, and aoes. Completely unfun for the enemy - nowhere is safe, even if surrounded by minions. Also, URF mode showed us that he's really powered by ROFLcopters. Which everyone knows are OP. {{champion:74}} **Heimerdinger **- His turrets do too much damage, shouldn't be able to put more than 1 down ever. I mean, he already gets an AoE cc (that can hit you MORE THAN ONCE), and amazing poke. {{champion:39}} **Irelia** - True damage, cc reduction, gap closer? Oh, and the gap closer cooldown resets on a kill. Who came up with this idea? Its probably Morello's fault she so damn OP. {{champion:40}} **Janna** - Three cc options on a support? Also has a shield that ups your carry's damage, AND can heal your entire team. Just bad design. {{champion:59}} **Jarvan IV** - Another champion that's just annoying. He can ignore walls, create walls, knock you up, and all while doing good damage and being tanky at the same time. {{champion:24}} **Jax **- One of the most OP champions lategame. Can 1v5 entire teams. Also nerf ZionSpartan. Together they are unstoppable. {{champion:126}} **Jayce** - 7 abilities is 6 too many! He can just chain them all fight long for huge damage, even if you're trying to kite him. And its not just single target either, which is even worse. {{champion:222}} **Jinx** - AoE basic attack, and a global range ultimate. Plus she has poke and cc. If she had any more power she'd have 100% win rate. Needs nerf now. {{champion:43}} **Karma** - Can heal herself for 40% of her max health WHILE damaging your team. Talk about trolling the enemy team with her OPness. {{champion:30}} **Karthus** - If you don't kill him, he kills you with QQ spam. If you do kill him, he kills you with his passive. And if you don't even go into the same half of the map as him, he kills you with his ultimate. {{champion:38}} **Kassadin** - Permaban status for a reason. Dur hur, I hit level 6. I can press R. Pentakill. {{champion:55}} **Katarina** - Massive aoe damage ult that gets cdr from kills and assists, and costs zero mana? She's so easy to use - and if you can't stun or silence her, its GG at level 6. {{champion:10}} **Kayle** - Complete damage immunity. AoE auto attack. And a heal (with movespeed buff!)? Oh, and she can use the immunity on ANYONE, so even if she doesn't get fed, you still lose. {{champion:85}} **Kennen** - I'm not sure why no-mana champions kept being used. He can harass all day in lane, and if you ever get hit by even a single attack, he can turn it into more hits with a stun, and walk away. Needs to use mana, and smaller AoE on his ult. {{champion:121}} **Kha'Zix** - Keeps getting reworked because he's so OP. Does thousands of damage if you aren't body-glued to your support. {{champion:96}} **Kog'Maw** - Whether you build him AP or AD, he is just ridiculous. He can poke you to death, or if you engage, he just pops his W and kills you in 2 seconds. And even if you do manage to kill him, his passive will probably kill you back. {{champion:7}} **LeBlanc** - Wouldn't be so OP except for smartcast. But with it, she's just unstoppable. She doesn't even need her silence (so they got rid of it). She just darts in, and before you can even target her, she's back at the starting location before you can cast again, and you're missing 50% or more of your health. Anti-fun big time. {{champion:64}} **Lee Sin** - Hey, its another OP mana-less champion. Plus, he has all his extra abilities too, so he can do ridiculous amounts of burst whether or not he builds damage. The moment he lands his Q, you're as good as dead. {{champion:89}} **Leona** - Who in their right mind would put this much cc on a single champion? She can single-handedly lock a champion out of an entire fight without having any damage gear built. IronStylus likes her so much, he kills everyone who thinks she's OP (my days are numbered). {{champion:127}} **Lissandra** - Built in Zhonya's. That's like 3000 gold of free stats. Nothing else needed. Can't even fix her with nerfs. Needs to be completely removed from the game. {{champion:236}} **Lucian** - He's a black guy with two huge guns. Whoever designed him is clearly compensating. And they did so by giving him an ult that can 100-0 the enemy ADC. Shoulda just named him 420noscope. {{champion:117}} **Lulu** - Poke, shield, low cooldown hard cc, and amazing ultimate. Ridiculous damage if you build AP, but can even play support, and her utility is still insane. {{champion:99}} **Lux** - 1000+ range ult on a 30 second cooldown that does good damage to everything it touches? Oh, and I guess she can have multiple cc options, tons of aoe, AND a shield too. Sounds balanced. NOT. But at least they renamed her ultimate! {{champion:54}} **Malphite** - OP ult. Just like Amumu. Destroys entire teams, and gets free damage from building armor, so you can't even kill him. {{champion:90}} **Malzahar** - If he lands his ult on you, you're probably dead before it ends. And even if you aren't, he's still at full health, and his minion is chewing at your kneecaps. {{champion:57}} **Maokai** - Low cooldown ult that gives his entire team 25%!!!!! more hit points, AND does damage? Would be OP even without a snare and knockup, but he has those too. {{champion:11}} **Master Yi** - His rework made him even more OP. Sure, he can't become the AP god of meditation anymore, but Alpha Strike scales with AD, and he will just melt your face with his sword. {{champion:21}} **Miss Fortune** - Huge AoE ultimate, tons of free move speed, AND a steroid just to make sure she's sufficiently OP. {{champion:82}} **Mordekaiser** - Never-ending shield, doesn't have to worry about mana, and becomes an unstoppable killing machine for half a minute any time he kills anyone - especially if its your ADC. {{champion:25}} **Morgana** - Can clear waves without even trying, tons of CC, and can build tanky without giving up any real killing power. But if she builds any damage, her ultimate will just do insane damage, almost as much as CAWCAWCAW. {{champion:267}} **Nami** - Her heal damages the enemy. Plus she has a great knockup (with good damage), and a huge aoe ultimate that can turn the tide in any fight. {{champion:75}} **Nasus** - 3 damage every time he gets a last-hit with Q? For real? That's like 500 damage or more most games. Lategame this guy can literally 3-shot an inhibitor tower. No balance at all. {{champion:111}} **Nautilus** - So much cc on this champion, like Leona, its just ridiculous. There's nothing fun about him, and he should be completely removed. {{champion:76}} **Nidalee** - Latest rework didn't do anything. Spears for days (that deal 50% of your ADC's hp). Heals to counter your poke. And now she gets cougar form at level 1, with double range pounces. More OP now, not less. {{champion:56}} **Nocturne** - Turning off vision for your allies' vision is fine, but why does it affect my wards too? Broken ultimate on a champion who would be plenty viable without it. {{champion:20}} **Nunu** - Impossible to harass out of lane, gets free spells just for attacking, and his ult doesn't show up on the ground if he hides in a bush, which is just stupid beyond belief. Plus he wins all smite wars pretty much automatically. {{champion:2}} **Olaf **- Immune to CC, true damage (yah, recurring theme) on a low cooldown, and lifesteal all on a tanky melee dps champ... Devs must have been three sheets to the wind when they approved this champ. {{champion:61}} **Orianna** - She can hit the enemy with her abilities without even being in range - all she has to do is give her ball to an ally (and they get a free shield, too!), then RW the moment the get into melee. Insta team fight victory. {{champion:80}} **Pantheon** - Have you seen 300? Take all 300 of those dudes, and shove them into one body. Pretty sure that was how Riot came up with Mantheon. And his Mandrop is completely unstoppable. {{champion:78}} **Poppy** - Immunity to damage while completely destroying her target, including a low cooldown ability that chunks off most of their health each hit? Only thing that could be worse is a champion with an ultimate that just says "kill target champion". {{champion:133}} **Quinn** - Quinn is fine, but Valor is freaking broken. Can increase Quinn's damage to targets, for zero mana, and you can't even target him! Plus he can dart away from her to damage and blind enemies (and they still can't damage him!). {{champion:33}} **Rammus** - Low cooldown, huge damage ultimate (especially if he builds AP), free damage from building armor. Then add in his huge move speed and long cc. Will just walk through your team without caring, and lead his team to victory without fail. {{champion:58}} **Renekton** - Another mana-less champion that is OP? No big surprise. Gets free healing, good cc, and double-gap closer. Plus his ult makes him even beefier! How are you supposed to lane against a champion that can just hit everything near him and regain a ton of health? {{champion:107}} **Rengar** - Same question. That roar is so broken. Plus he gets ridiculous if he can ambush you from a bush, AND an item that nobody else can buy (FOR FREE). So freaking dumb. {{champion:92}} **Riven** - 3 gap closers, a shield, a stun, AND can build tanky too? Well, at least she doesn't have to worry about MANA. Then she might not be able to harass you with those abilities every time you even think about getting Cs. {{champion:68}} **Rumble** - Well, more mana-less champions. Can just spam his flamethrower to clear entire waves, and if you try and trade with him, he just shields and shoots harpoons at you. Harpoons hurt. {{champion:13}} **Ryze** - How about a champion that uses mana, but gets rewarded for building tons of mana? Its like a manaless champion, but we can pretend he cares about managing his blue bar! Plus, mana gear has FAR better tank options than AP gear, and because of his horrible AP ratios, he has low cooldowns on all his abilities, including his ultimate. Just plain simple bad design. Also, did you see this guy in URF mode? Level 6 can solo baron. Most OP champ in game. {{champion:113}} **Sejuani **- % damage AoE, AoE stun, can build tanky, can move fast. Only way to avoid feeding her is to /surrender at 20:00. {{champion:35}} **Shaco** - Can almost never catch him, and when you do, its probably because you're 2 steps away from a JitB nest and are going to be feared and dead in 1.5 seconds. And if you just ignore him, he'll clone himself and destroy your towers. Lose lose lose. {{champion:98}} **Shen** - Not OP. Except for his ult. Split push, shield your carry, ult in, CC whole team, win. Only needs 2 buttons. {{champion:102}} **Shyvana** - She's a dragon. Dragons are always OP. Not convinced? Go kill a dragon and I'll change my mind. {{champion:27}} **Singed** - Have you ever chased Singed? If so, I don't have to tell you whats wrong. Tons of damage from his poison, plus he gets free health from his mana, AND an ult that lets him never ever ever go back to base, unless he's got 5,000 gold and wants to rub his invincibility in your face even faster. {{champion:14}} **Sion** - Heals 50% of his health every time he swings his axe, plus he gets a massive shield, free damage, and a stun. If he had a gap closer, he'd never lose. As is, he's just ridiculously OP. {{champion:15}} **Sivir** - Adc that is almost immune to CC, and makes the rest of her team even better? Its like you take your adc and support, and combine them into one champion. And you still can send ANOTHER champion bottom lane, too! {{champion:72}} **Skarner** - Easy mode jungling, and can just drag you around wherever he wants you to be - usually under a tower and next to all his friends. Least fun thing in the game is having to sit there while you watch yourself get dragged into DOOM. {{champion:37}} **Sona** - Faceroll champ galore. Just QWEQWEQWEQWE, and attack some. Make sure to stun their entire team with your ult if your QWE spam isn't instawinning already. {{champion:16}} **Soraka** - Heal, manaheal, another heal, and just generally undoes any damage her enemies ever do. Plus she has an AoE attack that shreds her enemies' MR . She makes any lane she's in boring because you can't do anything to them, she'll just heal it. {{champion:50}} **Swain** - Not too OP until after level 6. Then he can just CAWCAWCAW like a Fiddlesticks, and do all the damages while gaining all the hps. And if he gets low on mana, just turn it off to do again next wave. {{champion:134}} **Syndra** - Has more balls than me. And can use them to kill people. Her mere existence makes me want to die. {{champion:91}} **Talon** - Silence and bleed with his decent range harass make him hard enough, but he ALSO can turn invisible while doing huge damage either to escape or chase. He was put in the game just because some baby at Riot hates learning to play with skill. {{champion:44}} **Taric** - Anyone homophobic on the enemy team will ragequit if you just spam his emotes. The gay is too strong on him. And he can heal and stun, too! {{champion:17}} **Teemo** - Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom! Also, global taunts are OP. {{champion:412}} **Thresh** - Lantern is #1 OP mechanic in the game. Your team will never die again, because they can just take the Thresh Express to safety. And if that weren't enough, he stole Blitz's thunder with his OP hook and flay combo. {{champion:18}} **Tristana** - Her leap refreshes any time she gets a kill or assist. Plus she can stop you from healing, and knock an entire team away so she can solo the carry with her OP steroid. {{champion:48}} **Trundle** - Simply by picking this champion, you can troll not only your enemies, but also your own team. And then get a free win by just stealing the stats from your enemy and using their own stats to kill them. {{champion:23}} **Tryndamere** - Free crit chance. Free healing. Free AD. And 5 seconds of "you can't kill me". Him and Jax make endgame matches a joke as they 1v5 entire teams. {{champion:4}} **Twisted Fate** - Never has to get mana regen. Huge range harass x3. Global ult. Low cooldown stun. Once he hits 6, he just ganks every time his ult is up, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. {{champion:29}} **Twitch** - Can come out of stealth, with huge attack speed and shoot his bolts through the entire team, getting a pentakill faster than even Katarina. And if you manage to escape, you're poisoned and he can just press E to win the game. {{champion:77}} **Udyr** - Gets his ultimate at level 1, and can put up to 5 points in it. Can choose at will between free lifesteal plus a shield, tons of damage (without even building a trinity force), mass aoe damage, and free stuns for everyone. And gets rewarded even more for being indecisive. {{champion:6}} **Urgot **- He's not OP, until you land your poison. And then you QQQQQQ until they're dead, while your shield keeps you alive. And in case your enemy are elite poison dodging ninjas, you can just walk up and lock them in place for the rest of your team, and THEN win all over their faces. {{champion:110}} **Varus **- He can just poke you a few times with auto attacks and then launch a large bolt through you shredding off 15% of your max health, PLUS the base damage from up to 925 range. Don't need any skill, you just hit Q and they die. {{champion:67}} **Vayne **- High mobility, knockback plus stun, % max health damage, and an ult that grants her stealth. I guess at least she isn't invincible. Yet. Just OP OP OP. {{champion:45}} **Veigar **- Infinite scaling AP. AoE stun. Can insta-kill even beefy tanks with his combo. And he's EVIL. Needs to be nerfed hard, fast, and with great prejudice. {{champion:161}} **Vel'koz **- D&D already taught me how anything that involves a floating eyeball with tentacles is, and Vel'koz just proves it again. You're only safe if there's a Japanese high school girl closer to him than you are. {{champion:254}} **Vi** - Stalls entire games as people argue how to pronounce her name, and then carries her team no matter how bad they are because she's so tanky. {{champion:112}} **Viktor **- Huge range harass, with great damage, and strong cc. Plus, like Rengar, he gets an item that NOBODY ELSE can buy. Such a cheater. {{champion:8}} **Vladimir **- Mana-less champion. Invincibility pool. AoE damage that makes the rest of your team more amazing. AND infinite heals on a low cooldown. Yup. Broken! {{champion:106}} **Volibear **- He's a bear with armor. I don't think I have to explain this any further. {{champion:19}} **Warwick **- Can heal huge chunks of health easily, can suppress a carry for way too long, and gets free vision of every enemy champ (plus free move speed) if they have even a tiny scratch on them. {{champion:62}} **Wukong **- Stealth, gap closer, AoE knockup, and lots of damage. Almost as annoying as Shaco, but equally OP. {{champion:101}} **Xerath **- Longest range ultimate in the game, and he can use it 3 times. OPx3. {{champion:5}} **Xin Zhao **- Heals himself in combat, dashes around like an idiot, knocks you into the air repeatedly, and can knockback everyone else in case there was any chance of a fair fight. {{champion:157}} **Yasuo **- Wind wall is the single most OP skill in the game. It can cancel every ability, including ultimates, the enemy team uses ALL AT ONCE. Then you just swing your sword, make a freaking tornado, and kill them all with your ultimate. {{champion:83}} **Yorick **- Can trade damage with the enemy champion without even being within range thanks to his ghouls. Its like a proxy war, except there's no downside. He just wins his lane. {{champion:154}} **Zac **- If you kill him, you have to kill him 4 more times, or he comes right back. Plus he's a giant amorphous blob (ewww). Stay at least 3000 units away, or you'll die. {{champion:238}} **Zed **- If you thought it was hard enough to dodge skillshots before, try doing it when the skillshot comes from 2 angles at once. Stupidly broken shadow lets him 2v1 anyone without having an actual ally anywhere nearby. {{champion:115}} **Ziggs **- Can launch a huge AoE from the next lane over, which is usually plenty. But if not, he can actually walk over himself, and just blow everything up with mines, bombs, and C4, leaving you zero chance of survival. {{champion:26}} **Zilean **- Put bomb on player. Laugh. Repeat ad infinitum. Win your lane. That's all he takes. And once he hits 6, you can't even kill him properly. You have to do it twice. {{champion:143}} **Zyra **- She's like a balanced champion, except OP. She deals huge damage if she dies. Her ult is huge, and knocks everyone up. And she spawns plants everywhere around you to attack you even once her abilities are on cooldown. Thanks in advance, Riot, looking forward to a more balanced game once you fix all these issues.
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