About Quinn?

I was wondering if there were any changes behind the scenes you guys are trying out for her because, her W feels worthless, who needs a vision skill any more? Especially a forty second cool down one! Her ult cooldown is atrocious, but it is strong, maybe make it manaless? That'd make her cool again, her Q and E are all right as well. 1. I think Quinn would benefit heavily from her ult being manaless. 2. Lower the cooldown on her W or change it completely. 3. Change some base stats around maybe? Make her a bit tankier? 4. Make Quinn's W true vision? I would like to just make sure people know these are just my personal thoughts on Quinn and how they could make her better, I understand a lot of people think she's in an okay spot and maybe she is, but she needs some quality of life changes, these are opinions and only that.
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