One Item Change that may Fix the Melee vs Ranged Imbalance

Give Boots of Swiftness Tenacity. {{item:3009}} [From Hashinshin's discussion]( on the current state of melee in League of Legends, a major point brought up was the over abundance of slows creating a need for gap closers furthering the melee vs ranged binary and the alternating cycle of buffing tankiness( + for melees) or buffing marksman damage (+ for ranged). Someone in that discussion lamented that the only way to fix the current situation was to rework several items and champion kits. However, I think a simple adjustment to boots will help melees and ranged find balance. [In a quote from Phreak, ]( > Tenacity is largely a bruiser stat. It can be good on mages who also buy Zhonya's, but that's basically it. Squishies who get hit by CC tend to die to them anyway, even if it's .5 seconds shorter. Tanks don't really care about being stunned. So it's only for "I want high damage uptime and I have a fair bit of health." Tenacity is an offensive stat. I suggest making {{item:3111}} a purely defensive item similar to {{item:3047}} with a passive like 10% AoE magic damage reduction and moving tenacity onto Boots of Swiftness in addition to it's slow effect reduction (or reword tenacity to reduce slow duration and effect). The new Mercury Treads will give an early game answer for tanks against long range mages and the new Boots of Swiftness will give melee fighters the ability to gap close faster. By gap closing faster, melee fighters do not have to invest so heavily into defense to just survive the cc, thus breaking the buff melee tankiness vs ranged damage vicious cycle and lowering the effects of mobility creep. The only issue I see is marksman maybe using the new Boots of Swiftness to kite even more. To prevent this, the simplest method is to make tenacity a melee only stat, or if that is not preferable, make Berserker Greaves opportunity cost too high to give up. Maybe give Berserker Greaves additional 5% attack speed per crit up to 3 or 5 stacks, like the Frenzy mastery. Or give it something completely original. This could even give extra choice to the melee fighters who do have gap closers and may not prefer the new Boots of Swiftness ({{champion:157}} , {{champion:23}} , etc) compared to those fighters who do need the speed ({{champion:122}} , {{champion:106}} , etc). This way, melee and ranged damage types can coexist without one group completely overshadowing another. The marksman have means of dealing sustained damage through ranged attacks and peel through moderate cc, melee fighters have sustained damage at close range through their heavier cc and mobility. Neither group instantly bursts the other, and neither group completely avoids the other damage through oppressive amounts of cc and slows. Which side wins depends more on gold leads, itemization, and positioning and less about chain spamming cc and slows. Thoughts? Does this just shift power to melees and not actually fix the issue? Is higher movement and tenacity not enough to mitigate the need for early, heavy defensive itemization for bruisers/melee fighters alike? Would the new Boots of Swiftness make split pushing too strong on certain champions (eg, would a {{champion:36}} with {{item:3009}} be an unkillable, un-cc'able, split-pushing monster)?
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