@ morello from europe regarding Soraka

About myself. I would be the European version of Kirby Cake. I'm a soraka addict with more than 2000 ranked games on her. My best ranking on Euw was 72 in preseason. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/20776961#ranked-stats **I greatly support Canastus. Everything he said in this thread I agree on:** http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/twua1Wzz-morello-what-to-expect-from-soraka-in-49 He perfectly explains how Riot broke soraka to the point where it simply insults her playerbase. For the European playerbase I beg for a buff within the next 1 or 2 patches. Soraka **can not** stay in her current state until her rework. In the patch notes riot claims that the changes address sololane soraka. However the changes hurt her supporting just as hard. Soraka needed the damage on her q in order to be able to trade. Her balance in botlane was about fine because **she lacks hard cc and has no escape.** You need to look at what makes soraka "toxic" in the sololanes. That clearly was her ability to push waves quicker than most others at early levels. Her free silence wasn't really the problem. So why not just give her the rumble treatment and reduce the damage that starcall does to minions by X%? Then, if the trading power still would be 2 good: Reduce her q dmg by maybe 10 flat all over. But instantly nerfing q by 33% at all ranks? That is just pure hate. **Now my personal suggestion for a quick rework.** **1)** revert the changes from 4.8 **2)** Limit the number of stars that fall down. - rank 1: 3 stars hit the closest enemy units. - rank 2: 6 stars hit the closest enemy units. - .... - rank 5: 15 (or inifinte) stars hit the closest enemy units. One star/enemy of course and arguable whether starcall focuses champions over minions. This change would tone down soraka's shoving ability in early ranks, giving her opponents in sololane a chance to get in the game. **3)** If soraka still is the most strong evil toxic champion in the game as she apparently was before, tweak her numbers **mildly.** I know that you are trying to rework soraka into something new. What I fear though is that you will take away a unique champion and replace her with a skill-set that we already got so many of. I love the current skill-set of soraka. I don't want another karma or lulu... There were plenty of champions that countered sololane soraka well. They just weren't played much in the current meta. Let me name some: - syndra - cassio - darius - tryndamere if he knows what he is doing - karma - quinn, vayne On top of it junglers like: - fiddle - rammus - udyr - xin ... will own her hard if she tries to push her lane. And these are just her hardest counters who will be fine without any help. Also there are safe picks like ziggs who just farm from distance. Champions like twisted fate, ryze and veigar who cc soraka when she pushes so she easily dies in a 1v2. On top of everything her so called "op waveshoving" is also her weakness. Let soraka do 1 q into the enemy units, then force her to retreat with a gank or hard engage. The result is soraka being zoned from the minionwave. She will lose the farm and possibly even exp. The worst thing that can happen to a soraka is a jax/nasus/irelia/darius/tryndamere freezing the toplane. On top of that, **soraka is not able to freeze** a lane while efficiently harassing the enemy. Her so called op ability to push while harassing also has its weakness ;) Just nobody seems to realize it... I agree that soraka might have been a bit too strong. I just don't understand this hate she received from Riot. A mild nerf should've sufficed at first. **Hoping on an answer and a reasonable reaction to the situation!** Regards, Temestokles (angry European soraka addict)
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