Proxy, how do you fight it?

Scrublord47 here, and today was the first time I've seen someone proxy for a extended period of time. I was top {{champion:127}} vrs a {{champion:27}} and even as we started doing blue, Sing was already behind my tower starting to proxy. We managed to close in on him but to no anvil. Then all game long I was having to push out my wave double back try to catch Sing to force him back into lane, where he pushed up again and repeated it. I was decently successful at killing him a few times but it cost my other lanes as my jungler had to come up to help me seal the deal several times on him. So how are you suppose to fight it, without demanding all of your junglers attention? Mind you Jungle {{champion:54}} and top {{champion:127}} wasn't very bursty so we had issues killing him even then. Help?
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