Ultimate Normalization for Mages still needed!

Hello Riot, Given that it's been stated there is a trend towards having a standard ultimate cost at 100 at all three ranks for mages that use mana (the ones who don't have continuously draining ults unlike Anivia, Maokai, or Swain), there are still a few champions who could use some love: Amumu (ult costs 100/150/200) Karthus (ult costs 150/175/200) Orianna (ult costs 100/125/150) Sona (ult costs 100/150/200) Twisted Fate (ult costs 150/125/100) Veigar (ult costs 125/175/225) Zilean (ult costs 125/150/175) Now, I realize many of you may see champions on this list and think I'm completely crazy, but consider this: the utility in most cases doesn't scale with the ult rank (i.e. TF will still TP at 5500 range, Karthus will still ult everyone, Amumu's root is always 2 seconds, Sona's stun always 1.5 etc...) and Riot has made several adjustments to ultimate costs since season 3 trying to standardize certain champion aspects. Viktor was adjusted to 100 at all ranks from 125/175/225 and Kayle and LeBlanc had their ult costs entirely removed. (Okay, I admit, the LeBlanc and Kayle was probably a little too good of a buff considering how powerful they became, but they were since adjusted) But with all the other champion buffs being currently prepared, I see no reason why some of Riot's older champions released prior to season 3 couldn't use a touchup just to retune things such as their ultimate costs.
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