Various Improvement Suggestions

Good day Riot and Community, I want to make this short and don't use too much of your time. These suggestions are all my idead and I'm sorry if someone already suggested that, but I'd like to try to reach Riot and make some changes, if they want to of course. 1. The "Ignore/Block-Function" - Since the recent changes to the client function, you can't just put a Summoner on block. No, you have to right-click, then click on block user and then you're being asked "IF I am sure" to block this certain person. Personally, I don't see this notification/warning being anything useful than disturbing. Please, atleast add in the client options that this can be turned off instead. I am blocking multiple persons after matches because when I see someone playing very bad or being toxic, and this happens often, I want to set him on block and don't get matchmaked with him again. 2. Shaco boxes. I am a very desperate League of Legends Player and I love to experiment. Since quite some time (probably 6-8 months) I'm playing occasionally Shaco Support and I've tried recently to play him with 'Frost Queen's Claim' as support item (Blue One) - And apparently his shaco boxes doesn't grant him gold when it hits a Champion. Please change this before the coming patch - it would be annoying to wait until next patch cycle just for that little thing. Thanks for reading.

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