[4.12] Live Gameplay Patch Forecast

Hey all, Welcome to another Patch Forecast from the Live Gameplay team! With the World Championships coming up, our focus for the *next few patches* will be aimed at competitive play - both in increasing the diversity of picks and hitting those outliers who beat down all meaningful choice in champ select. As a reminder: **these are not promises for what will be in Patch 4.12, rather, they're a forecast of what we are currently working on and the problems we see**. ONWARD! **Ahri:** Ahri's a cool fox gal that we'd like to see more of, but she's currently sitting just below the top-tier mid picks. We're investigating ways to make Ahri feel better to play without just tipping her into the perma-pick category (hello S3 worlds). **Alistar:** OH BOY. We really want to bring Alistar back up as a support, but our big challenge is to make sure he doesn't also become an insane jungling cow god, because that gets obnoxious. Access to what's essentially a mini-Malphite ult at level 2, combined with powerful tower dives and displacement makes for a worrisome combination that keeps us up at night. Worrying. **Kassadin:** This guy. Man. **Lucian:** Like we mentioned in the 4.11 patch notes, Lucian is still strong and his super well-rounded nature makes him less of a strategic pick and more of a must-pick. We're really exploring ways to give Lucian meaningful weaknesses while also highlighting some of his core strengths. At this point we probably can't bring along *all* of his advantages, but we're looking to maintain Lucian's mobility / burst while also highlighting his spellslinger archetype. You'll see more as we go! **Them aggro junglers:** Depending on who you talk to, there are roughly 3-5 competitive junglers in the 'very strong' category who are outshining entire categories of dudes (see tanky jungler buffs). That said, we're balancing our approach here to make sure we don't just hit one so the others become default picks, but this gang has such high early aggression that they're still inhibitive in the game. **Chances are high we won't have anything for these in 4.12** as we're still watching how the 4.11 jungle item changes have affected the scene, but we have a strong inkling that these dudes will still be around. --- Up today we've got **Riot Hongyou** from the Live Gameplay team to answer some of your questions / comments on the forecast.
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