[DONE!]6/3 - NA Backbone ISP Maintenance - Ping Increase and possible DC's in the South/Southwest US

>#UPDATE: 11:30AM PDT >The maintenance was successfully completed by Level 3 and the new fiber optic line route is on. It looks like everything is coming up Milhouse! >We've gone ahead and re-routed players back onto the Riot Direct Network. Best of luck on the Rift everyone! ^.^ ------------------------------------------ Hey all, Recently we’ve been notified that Level 3, a major ISP backbone, is performing ***major*** maintenance near Chicago, IL starting on June 3rd 10:00PM PDT and completing sometime the following morning. Since they will be completely cutting one of their main fiber optic lines to alter its path, maintenance at this kind of scale is going to seriously screw up the connection paths we’ve set up with the Riot Direct Network. Because of this, we are going to proactively re-route player connections that go through impacted areas slightly before Level 3’s maintenance at 9:30PM PDT to offset their work. Here’s what you need to know: * If you're in the Dallas area, your ping during this time may rise as you’ll be off the Riot Direct Network. ***We don’t expect it to increase drastically***, but you may want to factor this in when you decide to play! * If you’re in Southern California, Arizona, or the general Southwest your connection will probably be taking a slightly longer path via Northern California during this window. ***You’ll also see a slightly higher ping time while we have these paths out of service.*** * When we re-route connections, there may be some brief disconnects. We’re going to have eyeballs glued to our monitoring during this time, and ***if we see any server-wide disconnects***, we’ll enable Loss Forgiven ASAP. Once the maintenance by Level 3 is complete, we’ll check everything out on our end to make sure it looks stable. If everything is glowing a bright green, we’ll re-route players back onto our Direct Network. Similarly to when we first did the initial cut over, there may be some disconnects and we’re prepared on our end if we see any server-wide issues. We’ll provide updates as we get them!
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