The Good, The Bad, and the League: 2/28 - 3/6

_Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ Flu season is here, avoid the plague! Morg (the better sister) and Kayle (ugh) just launched, we’re rapidly approaching make-or-break points for LCS teams, and Riot talked about positional ranking [here ](http://here)if you’re interested in that sort of thing. ~~We’re still accepting votes on the next Tristana skin to be made! Head over here after checking out this week’s GBL and place your vote on your favorite skin!~~Update: Voting ended. Thanks to those who took the time to make their vote! **Follow-Ups:** * None **Server Stuff: ** * **Missions script cause delay to mission progress (3/2, ~44 minutes)** The NOC starts to see a delay in mission progress completion metrics. This also seems to coincide with a database running a cleaning script to free up space. When the script ended, the delay in mission progress mysteriously disappeared. Case closed Watson! * **Configuration change causes login errors (3/4, ~3 hours)** A configuration change causes log in errors to spike to 5% on average. Since that should be 0%, the configuration change was rolled back, and log in errors magically disappeared. Said configuration change enters review to figure out why it caused that, and delayed until fixed. * **Missions and Store Content Live Early (3/5, ~2.5 hours)** In the excitement of getting new Morgana and Kayle out, various content was toggled live before it was scheduled. The mistake was caught and content was toggled back off, waiting for the proper time to be set live. What can we say, the sisters are a little-bit overzealous... **Game Stuff: ** Still no major gamebreaking game related oops! **Player Support Issues:** A new patch brings new login issues. If you’re having issues logging in, try following the KB steps [here ]( reaching out to PS! _Morgageddon & Couch Commando _

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