[COMPLETED] 7/20 Ranked Disabled - Upgrading NA Game Server Hardware

Hey all, In the wee hours of the morning on July 20th at 4:00AM PDT, we’re going to disable ranked for about 4.5 hours in order to upgrade some hardware on the Game Servers in Chicago. Servers are a bit different than normal gaming PC’s, but hardware still works the same way -- every piece of hardware has a shelf-life, and eventually it’ll degrade or stop working. By pro-actively upgrading this hardware now, we can ensure the servers will remain stable in the future. While we are switching out the hardware, we're also going to need to reroute connections to our game servers. This is where we may encounter some issues with disconnects, which is why we are disabling ranked pre-emptively. http://i.imgur.com/LC5FaF6.png If you get into a ranked game before 4:00AM PDT, you will be allowed to finish the game; we just won’t allow new ranked games to start. We’ll make sure to update everyone on the progress or if we hit any issues!
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