The Good, The Bad, and the League: 1/22 - 2/3

The Good, The Bad, and the League: 1/22 - 2/3 *Preamble* _Your semi-weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! _ 2020 has started! We’ve got LCS about to start, LoR is soon to enter open beta, Sett is punching an awful lot of things, and everyone loves giant Mechs. **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** Bug grouped with other Mac bugs. More .plist fun (No progress since last check). **Ongoing** * **Server Transfers Disabled** Transfers are disabled until the next platform downtime (likely 10.3), in order to install additional logging and diagnostic tools to improve transfers in the long run. * **None** **Server Stuff: ** * **Gifting center shows empty buttons instead of friend names(1/24, ~7 hours)** Player reports reach the NOC that there are blank buttons in the gifting center, where friend names should be. NOC is able to reproduce the issue, and gifting is disabled while engineering teams fix the problem. A hotfix rolls out and gifting is enabled again on all Riot regions. * **Riot Status translations not present for champion disables(1/25, ~50minutes)** NOC notices that the ticker updates do not contain all required translations needed for a variety of languages. The missing languages are added into the standard responses needed for most problems by the localization team. * **Sign on problems prevent login(1/27, ~32 minutes)** Automated alerting notifies the NOC that sign in problems reach problematic levels. Investigation starts with a triage team, and engineers begin to dig into sign ons. Before much headway could be made, sign ons recover on their own. No discernable root cause is found. * **Page bug cause champ select failures(1/28, ~402 minutes)** NOC is notified that there’s a bug with one stat hook into champion select. Investigation shows that the bug also causes champion select to fail, preventing players from playing. The stat hookup is disabled until the back code can be fixed. The code is fixed several hours later, and the stat hookup is re-enabled. * **Issues with stats page during champ select(1/29, ~36 hours)** The NOC is again notified that there’s a new bug with stats during champ select. In response, stats are disabled for champ select again until a code fix can solve the problem. The problem is solved with a back-end code update the following day. * **Change to backend session cause players to disconnect(1/31, ~10 minutes)** NOC is notified by automated alerting that CCU (concurrent users) is dipping at alarming rates. NOC pages associated teams, but before teams can start to triage possible issues, CCU starts to recover. Post-problem investigation points to a backend change that caused a brief spike in disconnects. **Game Stuff: ** * **Potential Sylas bug results in Sylas being disabled in ranked(1/25, ~2 days)** NOC is notified of a Sylas bug. Repro efforts are able to remake it, and the call is made to disable Sylas in ranked games on all shards. Messaging is posted, and teams work to create a hotfix to fix Sylas. Several days later, a micropatch rolls out, fixing the bug with Sylas, and he is reenabled in Ranked in order to steal many many many many many more spells. * **Jhin able to have infinite 4th shots without reloading(1/30, ~16 hours)** NOC is notified that players can report firing infinite 4th shots with Jhin. Repro steps find a way to reproduce the issue, and the need for a disable is evaluated by a Producer. The call is made to not disable, but hotfix the problem before it becomes popular. The hotfix rolls out and the issue can’t be reproduced again. _Morgageddon_
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