[COMPLETED] [June 7th] -- NA Ranked Disabled for Live Maintenance

>#Update 12:42pm > Things are looking positive, so we're going to be turning on ranked shortly. We're still seeing some lingering issues with match history, but no LP/IP gains should be affected. We'll keep an open ticker for match history, but otherwise we're considering the maintenance complete. Thanks for your patience everyone! ------------------------------ >#Update 12:25pm > TL;DR - Ran into more tech debt than expected while performing the maintenance. Network engineers are working on stabilizing to at least get players back into the game. Ranked is still staying down until we can confirm everything's stable, but looking positive at the moment. ------------------------------ >#Update 11:29am > We're still working on next steps, but just to be on the safe side, we've extended the expected maintenance window to 1:00PM PDT. We disabled RP purchasing while we triage the issue as we started seeing some RP purchases start to fail ------------------------------ >#Update 11:00am > We're still seeing a higher level of login issues and other errors than we'd like. Currently triaging and working on next steps. Should hopefully have a more robust update shortly ------------------------------ >#Update 10:10am > We briefly saw a spike in players unable to login at ~10:05am, but should already be recovering. We'll be keeping an eye on it as maintenance continues. ------------------------------ >#Update 9:45am: > At around 8:40am normal draft queues went down for ~5 minutes due to a communication error on our end. Normal draft queues should currently be active, but you may need to restart your client to have them show back up. ------------------------------ Hey all, Heads up that in the morning of June 7th at 7:30AM PDT we’re going to be disabling ranked queues for about 4 hours to make some hardware configuration changes. Changing configuration settings may not be sexiest of changes, but the maintenance is important to us as it’s targeted at removing some backend tech debt by making sure our systems are set up in a comparable way across all regions. Unfortunately, outside of ranked going down, you won't be able to notice much else. If you get into a ranked game before 7:30AM PDT, you’ll still be able to finish the game, but won’t be able to create a new one after. For all you Normals/ARAM all-stars, some disconnects or login issues are possible during this time but we’ll be keeping an eye on things while maintenance is ongoing. We’ll also make sure to update this post when it’s completed or if we run into any snags along the way!
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