[Resolved] 4/28 Server Issues - Ranked Disabled/Reconnect Spikes

>#UPDATE 8:32PM PDT >Everything looks solid and healthy after the game servers were restarted. We disabled Loss Prevented and re-enabled ranked. If we see any further issues, we'll make sure to let everyone know! >Happy Playing! ^.^ ---- >#UPDATE 8:17PM PDT >We identified several Game Servers that were in an extremely bad state, causing games not to start or connection issues during existing games. We started to restart those particular game servers and bring them back online to see if the issues persist. >Once we get a better idea of the health of these bad servers, we'll give you the latest info! ---- >#UPDATE 7:43PM PDT >We're re-opening this thread as we noticed higher than normal reconnections as well as games not starting. We're still looking into the root cause and will update the thread as we get more information. Loss Prevented was enabled once we noticed the reconnect spike. ---- >#UPDATE 6:45PM PDT >Everything looks good! Thanks for the support everyone! Good luck on the Rift! :) ------------------------- >#UPDATE 6:29PM PDT >All the tests looked good and we opened the servers back up. Unfortunately, everyone is going to flood in at the same time causing a fairly hefty login queue. We are working steadily getting as many players in as quickly as we can, but you may need to wait a bit in line. >I'll provide another update once we see everything looking healthy! ------------------------- >#UPDATE 6:18PM PDT >We replaced the faulty hardware and we believe that this should resolve the problems we've been seeing. We have completely disabled the servers for now as we do some testing on the backend to make sure. Depending on how these tests go, we may need to keep the platform disabled while we perform some in-depth checks. >Once we get a better idea, I'll make sure to keep all of you up to date! ------------------------- >#UPDATE 5:46PM PDT >Fix still being deployed, but we wanted to give all of you a better idea of what's going on: There was faulty hardware with our Network Backbone and we needed to get tech guys onsite to replace it completely. Once done, we should be able to throw the switches back on and get people back into the client. >Once I know more, you'll know more. ------------------------- >#UPDATE 5:26PM PDT >As we continue to look into the issue and get a fix developed, we noticed that games are not being able to start as well (current games seem to be unaffected). We're keeping a close eye on this and are looking at as many different solutions as possible. >I know it sucks, but sit tight for now. Once I know more, I'll pass it along! ------------------------- Hey everyone, At around 4:20PM PDT, we noticed that players were not able to login into the client. We immediately started to investigate and had all hands on deck looking into the issue. ***We confirmed that these issues are completely unrelated to the maintenance going on the past few days.*** We believe that we have found the root cause and are currently working on deploying a fix as quickly as possible. Once we get some further information, we'll make sure to update everyone!
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