The Good, The Bad, and the League: 12/14 - 1/3

_Your semi-weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! _ 2019 has ended, and 2020 is just starting. We’ve got a fresh new patch incoming, start of the new season, and a bunch of “It’s 2020 where’s new news riot” memes as well. **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** Bug grouped with other Mac bugs. More .plist fun (No progress since last check). **Ongoing** * **None** **Server Stuff: ** * **Custom Player game minimum set to 10(12/15, ~92 minutes)** NOC is notified by automated alerting that CPU usage across game servers is approaching warning limits. To ensure the limit isn’t exceeded, the NOC sets custom games to a minimum of 10 players, alleviating the load slightly. Once the CPU usage falls back to normal levels, the NOC re-enables practice tool and removes all ticker updates. * **CPU Mitigation Steps(12/15, ~92 minutes)** Reports filter in that the CPU usage is above the ideal threshold. In response, the NOC disables the practice tool, sets minimum custom players to 10 per game, and starts throttling non-ranked queues. Once the CPU usage falls below the red line, the NOC returns all queues to normal. **Game Stuff: ** * **TFT Elemental Pass rewards 10 and 11 disappeared from TFT Tab(12/30, ~13 hours)** Player Support notifies the NOC about reports regarding battlepass 10 and 11 not being available for TFT. Escalation and notification of the appropriate team finds the missions were set to expire at the wrong time. The missions are changed to expire appropriately, fixing the problem. _Morgageddon_
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