4/27 Live Maintenance [Possible DCs, Ranked Disabled]

>#UPDATE 4:37PM PDT: >New maintenance slated for 4/28. Read the latest in our [new discussion](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-incident-breakdown-na/fuaNAmfY-428-continued-maintenance-ranked-will-be-disabledpossible-dcs)! ---- >#UPDATE 3:42PM PDT: >We started to make some minor changes and tweaks in an effort to find where the snag is. Unfortunately, even after turning over a lot of rocks, [we still haven't found anything](http://i.imgur.com/IgMyx.gif?noredirect). We know that this is only affecting a small number of players, but we've dedicated all of our resources to hunt this down. Once we know more, you'll know more. ---- >#UPDATE 2:33PM PDT: >After talking to different ISP's, we have been able to rule out a fair amount of root causes, but haven't found the smoking gun just yet. We're still narrowing it down and will get more info to everyone as soon as possible! ---- >#UPDATE 1:36PM PDT: >We are directly talking to a few different ISP's who seem not to be able to connect to our Login Servers. By working together, we are hoping to identify the root cause sooner so we can get this resolved as quickly as we can. More updates to follow once we dig a bit deeper. We have all hands on deck looking into it. ---- >#UPDATE 12:15PM PDT: >We made a change with some peering in the Midwest that will hopefully resolve these login issues. If anyone was experiencing these issues before, try logging in again! If you are still seeing the same issue, make sure to run the Tracert test again and post the results! ---- >#UPDATE 11:39AM PDT: >For the most part, Login issues seem to have subsided, but if you are still getting an **"Unable to connect to the PVP.net server"** when logging in, run a [traceroute](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs#wq2) >#***to*** >Post your results in the thread so we can eliminate this completely! >There are also still 2 outstanding issues affecting a small number of players that we are still working non-stop to resolve: * Games ending in error * Essentially the game completely crashes, and no record of the game exists (no rewards/losses given out). Unfortunately we are not able to recover these games * Disconnects in-game * This seems to only be affecting certain ISP's. While the issue is on our end, we are going through mountains of data trying to narrow it down. If you do disconnect, attempt to reconnect ASAP. ---- >#UPDATE 11:05AM PDT: >We're still investigating issues of players not able to log in after the maintenance. If you're still experiencing login issues, we ask that you run a tracert to and post the results in this thread. This would help us to identify where the problem is occurring. ---- >#UPDATE 10:50AM PDT: A few game servers appear to not have started correctly when maintenance was completed, which could have resulted in ghost games lasting longer than normal. We're in the process of restarting them now, which should help to alleviate players stuck in games. ---- >#UPDATE 8:50AM PDT: At around 6:30AM PDT the team noticed a higher than expected spike of reconnections during the maintenance. To help mitigate the number of disconnections, work was slowed and maintenance completed at around 7:00AM PDT. >We're still keeping an eye on the number of reconnections, but no additional work is planned at this time. Thanks for the patience everyone! ----- >#UPDATE 8:30PM PST: To ensure ranked games have a chance to complete prior to maintenance, we'll be turning off ranked 12:30AM PDT in preparation for maintenance. >The actual maintenance is still scheduled for 2:00AM PDT to around 5:00AM PDT -------------------------------------- Hey everyone, At 2:00AM PDT we will be performing live hardware maintenance on the North America platform. We expect it to end around 5:00AM PDT. We'll be disabling the ranked queue during this maintenance as there's a possibility that players could experience disconnections. Some ISPs could also see some lingering connection issues after the maintenance, so we'll be monitoring the thread to keep an eye out for those as well. Let us know if you experience any extreme issues during the maintenance. We'll have some folks looking over this thread and respond when we can.
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