Team LF (Buffalo, NY) Players for LAN prizes

We are a team of players around Buffalo that are looking to compete in LAN tournaments all around Buffalo, Toronto, NY upstate. This will be a serious and professional team but we hope to build lasting relationships and to bond over our shared obsessive interest in Lol. If we get good enough and consistently win there could be contracts, sponsorships, or even scholarships. There is a financial incentive to form a team, but what comes first is having fun and fulfilling our drive to be competitive. We are looking for positions of all ranks( Prefer Plat+) Team status: TOP: need recruitment MID: FOUND D3 JG: need recruitment ADC: FOUND D2 SUP: need recruitment COACH: FOUND If you live in or around Buffalo, do not hesitate to message. Everyone will be considered! If you don't want to try out but still want to meet other NY players, still join. Join this discord if you are interested:

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