B1 Jung LF Mid Duo

Hey everyone I'm Carnage, I'm a jungle main and currently looking for a mid Duo between the ranks of B3-S2, preferably one that plays assassins. I believe Mid and Jungle is the strongest Duo in the game duo to their ability to great influence the map I want to try and play [these](https://u.gg/lol/duo-tier-list/?duo=middle_jungle&rank=silver) duo comps with mids or [these](https://u.gg/lol/duo-tier-list/?rank=silver&duo=top_jungle)with tops I want to try to climb, a lot of my friends are high silver and low gold so I'm currently trying to catch up to them. No sexism but I don't want to play with any females. About me: Summoner Name: TL Carnage Age: 25 Gender: Male Pocket Pick: {{champion:60}} Champ I hate and/or suck at:{{champion:64}} {{champion:11}} (everyone has at least one or 2 even Faker struggled on Azir and control mages in general for over a year) Current Rank: B1 Highest Rank: S2 in pre seasons :/ Experience: 6 Years. Voice chat: Yes Any questions feel free to ask and add me if interested in Duos :).

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