Looking for laid back people

My group of friends and I are looking to add more fun laid back people to join our group. We used to be in a community (where we all met) but that community fell apart several years ago. We've been together ever since and we've allowed only a few people to join. The community we came from fell apart because people didn't mesh and there was constant fighting. Our policy is now and has been since those days that if you don't fit in you're not staying. So if you're a know it all arrogant jerk please don't waste my time. We tell inappropriate jokes we curse if you cannot handle sexual comments or whatever then don't bother you won't fit in. Using discord is a must, we used to require push to talk but we understand not everyone likes it, however if we hear your constant breathing or farthing or someone yelling in the background it's respectful to stop that. I know that this post probably sounds harsh but I want to make sure that there are no secrets, you may not like our methods and thats fine but we are laid back and fun. I don't care if you're a bronze or master player most people don't want to hear how to build or do this or that. Now don't get me wrong if I ask you "hey what do you think of this build" then by all means tell me but if I don't ask assume I don't want to know. We troll a lot in our games so we do weird stuff all the time, we may troll but we try to win. If you think that you're a good fit add me in game and ill invite you to our discord. If you don't then thanks for looking and best of luck on your search. Oh one more thing...we are going to ask you a HIGHLY inappropriate question just to see your answer, if you're an uptight snob you will answer it wrong :-) and you will be kicked immediately.
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