Gold Calibur Team - Filling Support Void, Tryouts

The roles that we have available currently are both Jungle and Support. If you're looking to play tonight, send me a friend request, we'll talk and we'll go from there, or fill out the information here: Looking to start getting serious with a team to prepare for tournaments, clash, and make some friends with teammates along the way. Practice would most likely be late at night and we're only looking for people that are willing to grow as a unit, learn from our mistakes, and take constructive criticism to improve both as a team and individual skill levels. As of right now, we have three players on our team that we're looking to play consistently and reach that goal with. We're only looking for players that meet this expectation and are serious about playing with a team. At this point in time we're all Gold level players for different reasons and we want a more safe, calculated, communicative approach to winning games.

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