Need Support for Competitive Team

We're a competitive group of friends all different breeds of Gold Solo Queue players, that have entered a recent amateur LCS league to compete and for fun. We will be doing tryouts tonight at 11 pm Eastern Time for a new starting Support. Additionally, if things go well, we will also be looking for Substitutes for the team roster. Additionally, the Support that we decide is a good fit for the team we would like to have for Clash this Saturday and Sunday as well. Before starting tryouts tonight, I'd like to know the following information from the Support players that we're trying out: Summoner Name: Favorite 3 champions to play: Highest Rank: Current Rank: Can you practice/play Monday-Thursday around 10 or 11 pm EST? What do you look for in a team and what are you looking for in a team? What do you feel contributes to a team being successful and improving? We're looking for players that are willing to learn, brush off the mistakes of a game previously and learn from them. Where do you stand on a team with this mentality? Please fill out the application here, or within our Discord in the Sign-Ups channel that can be found here: Thank you!
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