Giant Slayers Recruiting Low Elo Players For Competitive Team

Are you Gold or lower and stuck in a division/tier but want, more than anything, to climb out? Have you tried looking for free coaches and found they were either inexperienced or just blatantly wrong? Have you tried joining competitive teams, but found the infrastructure lacking in organization and disbanded within a week or two? Well, I'm here to offer you dedicated few an opportunity to subvert expectations and show your friends that you do have what it takes to achieve that rank you really want. All it's going to take is some hard work, and trust me, every day it gets easier. The hard part is doing it every day. With all of that being said, read the following information, and if this opportunity sounds like a fit for you, then I encourage you to apply for The Executioners! **My Coaching Style** You might be wondering, what is my coaching style? Or perhaps you didn't really think about coaching styles but are interested to know now. Well, my strengths lie in my knowledge of macro decisions and playmaking, so that's what I primarily focus on in coaching sessions. This is not to say that I don't value micro, because micro is required to carry out certain macro aspects, but I have resources and methods for you to work on your micro without the need of me telling you every little detail. Instead, I focus on warding, rotations, objective control, game pace, jungle pathing, lane swaps, seiging, win conditions and other important aspects that can make up for a lack of micro. **Team Requirements** - Be willing and prepared to learn in both an individual and team environment. - Recognize and act in accordance with the fact that if you're selected, you will be apart of a brand and are expected to behave in a respectful manner. - Have a working mic | Discord for Communication - Be able and willing to practice a minimum of 5 days a week, 3-4 days as a team and 1-2 in solo/duo. - Have a strong desire to improve. **Example Schedule** *Note, all practices will be in the evenings in accordances to EST. These times are subject to change based on the final availability schedule of the starting team. Sunday: Flex/Scrims, 7-11PM Monday: Flex 7-11PM Tuesday: Solo/Duoq (Minimum of 4 games) Wednesday: Off Day Thursday: Solo/Duoq (Minimum of 4 games) Friday: Flex/Scrims, 7-11PM -> Followed by an hour of Vod Review Saturday: Tournament Day (Off if no tournaments) **Application** IGN(s): Discord: Soloq Rank(s): Flex 5s Rank(s): Role: Top 5 Champs: Strengths: Weaknesses: Do you meet the requirements?: Why do you want to join this team?: Thank you to everyone who applies, be sure to comment your applications below and I'll comment whether or not I'm adding you for further information!
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