Spellbound gaming looking for silver-gold top lane

Spellbound gaming company is currently looking for a top lane to be a starter on our team. We are looking for meta picks, and picks such as sion, Aatrox, urgot, etc. A player who knows how to work around meta when needed. We would like a player with great communication and can call out things in their lane. We have a great shot caller in the jungle where it needs to be. We just need that 5th player who will clash well with our team. We practice 3-4 times a week together to improve. We are dedicated and passionate about this team. We are holding tryouts tomorrow during the day and most of tomorrow. Since it’s the last day for rank we understand that this can cause a problem on the tryouts and if you have an issue we can push a tryout to Tuesday but let us know. Be warned If we decide to have you on the team it will be a “trial” period to see how you do with the rest of the solid four we have. If interested add me IGN: Definitelesbian
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