Are you looking for a small group of fun people to play with?

My group and I used to be part of a Gaming Community several years ago that fell apart because we grew to big to fast. When the leader left the group it was up to the admins to keep it running, a few of us left. That core group that left has been together for 6 years. We are looking to add more people to our small group. We will never be a huge community but we do want to have a few people on and willing to play. We do not only play league so finding people who are open to other games would be cool but isn't priority. While we are laid back we do have some rules, 1 is we use discord and it's required that you have a mic. Push to talk is NOT required however, be aware we will consider making it a rule if we have to listen to peoples breathing farting or just constant one wants to hear that. We also don't care about your rank, most of us will ask you for your advice if we want it, which means don't just tell people how to play or what to do most of the time we are just trying to have fun (we always try to win even if we're trolling). We tell inappropriate jokes as well so if you can't handle sexual jokes then this isn't probably the group for you. Otherwise if you think you're laid back chill and just want to have fun playing then by all means add me in game and ill shoot you a discord invite, lets play some games :-) (be warned I am currently on a URF binge before it goes away for like a year) IGN: Bad Ol Putty Tat

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