LF CASUAL People to join us

So we are a small group of people that met in a community a few years ago that fell apart. We've stuck together and we're wanting to have a few more people to play with. We argue and talk trash to each other, but we're really close and we're not going to do anything to break up the group. We are pretty picky on who we let join, we are not a community because when you start labeling yourself as that everyone and their brother wants to join. Not everyone meshes and we don't allow people who don't mesh with us to stay. Now I know that most people would probably be turned off by that but this is the type of person we are looking for. Laid back, not OMG super loud talkative annoying. We don't care if you're bronze 5 or diamond 5 we just care that you're not a jerk when we screw up, we do troll comps all the time and we just try to have fun but we still try to win (its really only fun when you win). We do not rage at each other because we get this is just a game. We do talk sexual and we do curse, if you cannot handle that you won't fit in. We do use Discord and we do want Push To Talk because lets be honest no one wants to hear you breathing or farting or your mom yelling at you that dinners done. If you're looking for a group to just come in laugh and chill with then we are it, if you're looking for a group that you can share your breathing and your bronze 5 pro tips with keep looking. Add me, IGN: Bad Ol Putty Tat

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