Dawn Esports Mass LoL Recruitment! (Gold-Challenger allowed) March 23rd/24th 7 PM EST APPLY NOW!

Dawn Esports LoL Applications
Discord link: https://discord.gg/W36EE2T/ March 23rd/34th 7 PM EST
Hey gamers, this organization is a very structured and well run amateur gaming org. We have been in the scene for 2 years now, and have many teams and a community already. Fill out the application and join our discord for updates on tryouts as well as to communicate with other members! Once you fill out the application you will be placed on the list for tryouts so just come in the 23rd of March to check in if you don't have questions. If you have questions, contact Kelyx#6573 on Discord or @KelyxLoL/@DawnesportsGG on twitter

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