Unforgiven Dragons - Looking for I/B/S players for all starting roles and and most sub roles

Currently looking for a Iron/Bronze/Silver starting Jungler, Mid, and ADC for our team as well as Iron, Bronze, and Silver Substitute players for Top, Jungle, Mid, and ADC. Information about what I'm specifically looking for out of each role will be further down the topic. TLDR for those who want the appetizer before continuing this 12 course meal - Making a team for a Iron/Bronze/Silver LCS style league that plays on Sunday evenings. I'm looking for mainly Iron/Bronze/Silver players. You cannot be higher than Gold 4 on any account in season 8 or this season. Now for the entree - What we're looking for in a Player - You must MAIN the role you are applying for. You must currently be between Iron 4- Gold 4 0LP or Lower for season 9, as well as have finished season 8 Gold 4 or lower. Your Sunday evenings must be open, that is when league games are played. (If they do not change it, but I don't expect them to change.) People who are not trying to smurf. Smurfing is not allowed in any amateur leagues that I know of. If I find out you're trying to smurf you will be removed from the team immediately. We expect you to be objective about losses and work through what went wrong as a team so we can get better together. We won't win every single game, and getting upset because we lose one isn't alright. Likewise this means that throwing your team members under the bus after a loss is frowned upon. Will not tolerate Racism, or harassment of any kind, please do not waste my time or yours if you are someone like this. You must be okay with following the rules of whatever Amateur league we do end up playing in. Anything you do reflects on our team as a whole not just yourself. You must have a headset and be able to use discord to communicate effectively during games. Teams must be in the designated voice channel for all official league matches played. We will typically be playing between the hours of 8-10pm EST. Day of the week is not set yet for practice days. You do not have to be available everyday at this time, and we do not expect anyone to practice every single day. However if you do agree to a date and time we expect you to be there. You need to be alright with working with us on the champions you play for the team. We will set up team comps each week depending on who we're playing against. Likewise you can expect to have information on what the other teams play given to you. We have a coach, and we expect him to be shown respect. We would like to find people with a very balanced personality as well as play-style. Someone who can play different champions based on what we're going for that game and doesn't just play 1 style. What I'm looking for out of each of the roles : ADC- • Im looking for someone that has good positioning throughout the game, knowing when to step up, and when to fall back behind the tank line. • Someone that is good with their DPS, and knows who to focus during teamfights, while also being aware of who is targeting you and adjusting accordingly. o This skill is rather difficult to learn, I dont expect everyone to have it but having a baseline to build it would be helpful. • Someone that is good with attacking on the go, or attack moving, allowing them to constantly re-position during both the laning phase and teamfights. o This is also a difficult skill to master, but it is one of the most important things to learn. Mid Lane - •As Mid lane, I expect you to divide the map. You should have the knowledge to be able to know which lanes to roam to, and when to stay where you are. •Someone who can outplay their lane opponent in a 1v1 •Someone who understands when they have lane priority and know when they can roam and put deep vision wards in the enemies jungle. •Someone who can call for a hold when they need to back for an item spike. •Someone who can do an engage and not be afraid of doing so. •Someone who can play into a 1v2 and not have much trouble with it. •With mid, you should be able to recognize for your team composition to have teleport or ignite. Map control with the teleport, especially for a team fighting comp, would be better than the kill potential with Ignite. Jungler - • As a jungler, you should be able to adapt your play style depending on the meta of the game. This could mean playing an assassin one patch, but playing a bruiser or a tank the next. • You should be able to have high impact on the lanes you gank, good map awareness to know where the enemy jungler is or could be. • Generally, Junglers are the secondary shotcallers for the team. Once again, it is not required, but will be placed higher on the priority list if you can do so. Top Lane - • As a top laner, I expect you to be able to absorb pressure and survive the lane. • You should know when it is best to TP and not to TP. With the changes to it, this is a vital part to playing top lane. • Understanding where your jungler is and where the enemy jungler is, when it is time to roam or lane swap, and when you need to group for team fights (Dont be an island farming machine in other words) • Someone that is proficient with split pushing and applying pressure away from the rest of the team and knowing when to split push and not to do so (such as when TP is on cooldown) Application - Summoner name - Age - Current rank - Highest Rank Achieved - Role Applying For - Top 4 Champions you play - Any experience in a team setting? - How vocal are you during a match? ( are you a shot-calling type or a just conveying information type, or a quiet type) - What is your availability - Any Information you'd like to add about yourself - Any questions you have (I'll be sure to address them if I contact you) - I'll be checking this regularly for applications, as well as contacting people who I'm interested in. If you apply and I haven't contacted you yet, and would like to know why, feel free to add my league of legends account "Dream Unforgiven". If I'm not interested try not to take it personally. I'm just looking for specific types of players, and specific personalities for the team. I'll bump this topic or repost it until I've filled the entire team. I will likely look for at least 2 subs that have good availabilities because it's pretty common for people to flake on teams without a word said.
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