Team Nobu Recruiting Top Tier Gold Jungler.

Team Nobu is recruiting a TOP TIER Jungler who can be vocal. Tryouts will be held at 10pm EST. We are looking for consistent and reliable player that are trying to find a long term team with structured practices and scrims. We are currently in the building process of the LoL team. Gold in Flex (Or able to get to Gold quickly - we practice in flex Gold in Solo (S8 or current) Discord and Mic for communication Available 10:00PM-3:00AM EST most weekdays to practice Available for the once a week tourney Bo3 match (We get to schedule them) IF YOU DONT QUALIFY FOR THE SCHEDULE DO NOT REPLY. THANK YOU. If interested reply with the following information than add That Way IGN: Role: Solo Rank: Flex Rank: Champion Pool: Team Experience: Availability: Shotcalling 1-10: Thanks!

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