Recruiting Plat+ Players for a Tournament Team

Good evening all. I am recruiting for a competitive League of Legends team designed to win tournaments for RP, Cash, and other prizes. {{summoner:50}} **Requirements**{{summoner:50}} * Plat+ in Solo Queue - (to filter out inexperienced players) ** * Team compatible champion pool * Friendly and professional attitude as appropriate {{summoner:39}} **Application**{{summoner:52}} * **IGN**: * **Age:** * **Main Role: ** * **League or Gaming Accomplishments:** * ** Experience on Teams:** * **Years played League:** * **Availability (EST time):** Please fill out the application here and I will get back to you on League. My qualifications are listed below as an example. * **IGN: **Poetic * **Age:** 23 * **Main Role(s):** Mid, but flexible * **League or Gaming Accomplishments:** #2 TF in the World on LoLSkill in Season 3. Diamond in solo queue every season since Season 3. Over 40k RP prize winnings from RP tournaments. Top 1000 QM MMR in HoTS. Consistent 95-100% percentile stats as Widow Maker in Overwatch. * **Experience on Teams:** Professional and academic team experience. Captain of multiple League of Legends teams. * **Years played League:** Since Season 1 (9 years) * **Availability (EST time):** Prefer 9pm EST and later
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