LF Gold/Plat Mid Laner

Hello and we are the Double Dippers! We are looking for a new starting mid laner for our competitive league that we are in. Matches are typically on the weekend evenings and we practice 2-3 times a week during the week. The type of player we want is someone to give a bit more structure and consistency to the team. We aren't looking for the biggest carry or shot caller, we want someone who just has a great personality that meshes with our Jungler and can bring a stable and consistent laning presence to the center of the map. Ideally this person has knowledge and mechanics built around proper wave control management, roaming properly, and vision. Personality is the biggest thing we look at though when we are looking at people. We have a pretty stable group of people that have been together for a few months so we do enjoy joking around and light hearted conversation between everyone. Half of us even play other games together outside of league just due to the friendship we have in our team. If this is something you think you would fit in well with please provide the following information: **IGN: Describe your personality: Top 5 champions: Worst 5 champions (in mid specifically): Availability:**

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