Plat/Diamond Team LF Top & Jungle!!

We're a competitive team and are looking for upgrades in the top and jungle positions. We want people who are not toxic, have strong communication, can play with the team 3 days/week, can take criticism, and have a strong desire to improve. Currently, we have 2 coaches to help us with our journey! --- Our goals are to have a solid main roster of players and subs to win tournaments. Must have a working mic. If you're interested answer the following, below: Top 5 champions: (Use icons) Willingness to learn champs for team: Strengths: Weaknesses: (We're not judging you) Previous team experience: Availability: (Include Your Timezone) Your IGN & Discord (We'll have someone add you): --- After applying, we'll schedule a time for us to talk and do your tryouts. When all positions are filled, we'll hold a team meeting where we'll get everyone on the same page. If you're a jungler, strong communication is a must, and shotcalling ability is preferred.
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