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💠Round Two is one of the fastest developing League of Legends discord server out there at 2,100+ members and growing! Our server is LIT 🔥! We have all the things you could ask for: 🔸 Challenger Tier Players 🔸 Famous Streamers 🔸 Daily Events Unique Community Features 💠Events At Round Two, there is not a single dull moment, rooms brimming with members and activities you never thought you could get addicted to like: 🔸Flower Gambling 🎲 🔸In-houses 🏹 🔸Movie Nights 🎥 🔸Karaoke 🎤 💠Clans We understand what it means to be in a big community, sometimes you can get lost through it all but here at Round Two we have colored clans. Clans are a way for you to be part of a big server while still being in a tight knit community aka your clan members! You can join one in the #join-a-clan today! :wow: 💠 Moderators We have active moderators that are constantly on the move to provide members high quality events and keeping the server non-toxic and awesome. And if you ever wanna help the community, peep the announcements: we're always looking for people to help grow our community! 💠Join Today!!! DISCORD.GG/ROUNDTWO or if you have discord downloaded!

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