Looking For A Team to Have Fun on the Rifts, Come Join WILDS :)

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Team Wilds is a team-based on creating memories; laughters and sharing a good time on a 5v5 Normal Drafts game. We are scheduled to practice during the given weekly schedule . Wilds purpose is to spread the positivity of good vibes on the rifts and encouragement rather than having a Mental breakdown/ Tilter/ Discouragement. We provide best coaches that will give basic advices or tips to those who are interested in getting better only at your own responsibility and at your own pace. Team Wilds doesn’t only look up to the members but we treat you as one of our pack. You are family to the Wilds and you will remain that way for as long as you wish. We wish you nothing more, but pure enjoyment, fun, laughters & screams here at Wilds Family! GLHF! :heart:️ With Love, Leader - LunAlpha

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